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6 of the Best Coffee Bags – The Sunday Telegraph

We recieved an email late on Tuesday afternoon from the Sunday Telegraph writer Madeleine Howell asking us if we would be able to supply some coffee bags for their taste test on the coffee bag market to arrive by Thursday pm at the latest.

We did half think that it may be a prank, after all how many times do the Sunday Telegraph ask for samples!
So we sent off the samples and then thought nothing of it, until another email arrived on Thursday afternoon asking for an image of our Great Taste Award Winning Home Blend coffee bags, as they were planning to run the article on Sunday! We were just walking out of the door, so I went back and turned on the computer again, and managed to get the image to them in time.

Low and behold there was an amazing article in the Sunday Telegraph telling how some of the largest coffee companies in the UK Taylors, and Nescafe are trying to tell people how they invented the bag! Let me tell you we have been here since 2013 telling people how easy the coffee bags is to use, and how they will never look back once they change from instant to freshly ground coffee in a bag – just like a teabag!

So now you don’t need to take our word for it, The Sunday Telegraph has voted on how good we are!