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As with all of our Coffee Bags they are available in a number of Pouch Sizes.  You can choose the size you need from 15, 25, 50 or 100 Coffee Bags.  All of our Pouches are resealable, so that your coffee remains fresh for as long as possible.  It also means that you can take your coffee with you to the office, or away on holiday, and coffee will stay fresh providing you keep your pouch sealed.

All of our Coffee Bags contain 9g of freshly ground coffee, so when you put your Coffee Bag into your cup, you know that you will get a fresh cup of coffee really quickly, and will not have to clean away any messy coffee grinds! How simple can really great fresh coffee be!!

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Welcome to our subscription shop.

You can now buy any of your favourite coffee bags on a monthly subscription. Simply chose from any one of our 6 blends or 3 flavours, and then chose which size of coffee bag pouch to have delivered straight to your door with the minimum of effort.

This is a really easy way to buy coffee bags for your home or office.  Let us take the pressure of ordering every month.  Best of all if you pay monthly we will take 15% off the normal price of you coffee bags.  And even better they will be delivered free of charge!

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 10 cm
Subscription Type

Annual, Monthly


15 Coffee Bags, 25 Coffee Bags, 50 Coffee Bags, 100 Coffee Bags, Box of 10 Individuals, Box of 50 Individuals, 25 Coffee Bags (Per Month)

Blend Choice

Home Blend, Emirates Blend, Iberian Blend, Colombian ‘Pure’, Red Blend, White Blend – Decaf, Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla


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How It Works

Just choose your favourite coffee, tailor your subscription and place your order. We’ll sort delivery out and send you our finest, award winning coffee bags direct to your door each month.

You’ll know it’s from us because it’s the best-smelling parcel you’ll ever receive 🙂

And if you have any questions of special requests, just email us… [email protected]

How Much?

Not much! An annual subscription works out to be as litttle as 21p per coffee; a fraction of the cost of your high street take out. The annual subscription gets you 25 coffees a month, with no auto renew to catch you out once your 12-months is up; it’s just big savings and lots of perks!

We also offer a rolling monthly subscription, where you can choose exactly how many Coffee Bags you’d like to receive each month.

Just email us if you want to switch blends during either subscription… [email protected]

Annual Membership Perks!

It’s more than award winning, fuss free coffee. As a annual subscription member of our cherished community you’ll get the following perks…

  • Access to special monthly offers and exclusive competitions
  • You get to influence our coffee of the future, share your flavour ideas and test new blends and flavours
  • Every month one of our lucky Coffee Club members can win their coffee subscription back, in which case, your coffee will be free for the whole year.
  • Free samples on request

Legendary food writer Lucas Hollwegg review of our coffee bags

“Coffee bags aren’t new but these bags feel different; more luxurious and the smell is really attractive. And what’s inside is a blend of arabica beans which gives a really complex flavour profile – chocolatey notes, a slight spiciness, fruity acidity, well balanced, strong but not overpowering.

“We all know that instant coffee never does the job, it doesn’t taste like real coffee, but this is real coffee. It’s worth putting a couple of these in your overnight bag if you’re travelling just so you can have a really great coffee when you wake up.