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Vanilla Flavour Coffee Bags


Delicious and tasty Vanilla coffee bags – an everyday treat!

As with all of our Coffee Bags they are available in a number of Pouch Sizes.  You can choose the size you need from 15, 25, 50 or 100 Coffee Bags.  All of our Pouches are resealable, so that your coffee remains fresh for as long as possible.  It also means that you can take your coffee with you to the office, or away on holiday, and coffee will stay fresh providing you keep your pouch sealed.

All of our Coffee Bags contain 9g of freshly ground coffee, so when you put your Coffee Bag into your cup, you know that you will get a fresh cup of coffee really quickly, and will not have to clean away any messy coffee grinds! How simple can really great fresh coffee be!!

Our lovely compostable coffee bags can then be disposed of by either putting them into your normal bin, or onto your compost heap where they will gently disappear…

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Delicious and decadent Vanilla flavoured Coffee Bags.  If you like flavoured coffee as a treat, then why not have them whenever you want!  Coffee Bags are so easy and cost effective, they don’t need to be a treat any more – go on have them whenever you like instead!

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