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I knew the coffee was going to be good the instant I opened the bag! The smell of freshly ground coffee (in a tea bag) filled my kitchen and needless to say tasted amazing!! All the convenience of instant coffee but with much more flavour and taste.

Cassim Gibbs

Lovely rich coffee which I use at work – so much better than the horrible instant stuff!

AC Thomas

Nice and tasty, convenient and clean way to get a good mug of fresh coffee any time of the day or night.

Mike and Val Connolly

This arrived earlier than expected, was transported to my shop the next day and oooh yes, hit just the right spot! Have never used coffee bags before, but I’m finding them very easy and clean to use but with that ‘proper coffee’ taste. So much better than my usual instant. Hope I can find other ‘flavours’ to try.

Janice Wheeler

Very fast service – definitely will be ordering more as they are great for husband to use at work without me around to clear up the mess of filter coffee!!!

Mrs W A Riggs

Great packaging, lovely scented coffee and delicious. High recommend.

Miss Sarah Moorhouse

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